The work of John L. Mendoza is a diary of the man and his view of life.   His oil paintings and watercolors bespeak romance, nostalgia, and natural beauty.  Many of his paintings display dual characteristics.  They are gentle yet passionate, simple yet detailed, bold yet subtle, and concrete yet abstract.

When he paints his best work, the painting magically communicates with him, almost dictating what should be put on paper.

His work includes Contemporary Landscapes, Oil Landscape Paintings, Watercolor Landscapes, Still Lifes, Abstracts, and Portraits.

His ability to think freely, confidently and intuitively allows him to create a Mendoza world, bursting with avalanches of color, which build wildly romantic and emotional feelings, creating a universal and aesthetic appeal.  Vertical and horizontal thrusts that dominate his work sweep downward from the basic motif in a wash that is essential to the painting as a whole.

This is the signature that is unmistakably the work of John L. Mendoza.

John resides in Pueblo, Colorado, with his wife, artist Dorothy Mendoza.


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